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  Barbershop Singers
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Gail Grainger


The Association was inaugurated in October 2008 and was the brainchild of Nico de las Peñas and his brother Jorge, after a visit to their first-ever Harmony College in Coesfeld, Germany.  SABS has become a reality because of their tenacity, enthusiasm and determination and Nico was a natural choice as our first President. In 2012, he handed over the mantle to Gail Grainger, who is enthusiastic about promoting barbershop throughout Spain and Portugal.

As a young association, we are still spreading the barbershop word and building our membership, which currently stands at over 200, comprising men’s, women’s and mixed groups from all around Spain and Portugal. We celebrated our first-ever festival of barbershop in Spain with ‘En Armonía’™ in June 2009 and we were delighted to welcome UK’s Finesse ladies’ quartet and two of the 2012 BHS champions Ringmasters “ Martin and Rasmus“ from Stockholm, Sweden. Our first true get-together was attended by almost all our members and was a resounding success.

How things have moved on, with successful conventions in Madrid in 2010, Murcia in 2011 and Malága in 2012 and 2013. We were pleased to welcome many European guests and held our first international contest in 2012.

We truly appreciate the support and encouragement from barbershoppers from all over the world and we continue to encourage more people to embrace this unique artform of ours with our first Harmony College and singing workshops throughout Spain and Portugal.

En Armonía 2014 will be held in Calpe, Alicante from 3 to 6 April and it promises to be a popular event. Visit our Convention 2014 Page to find out more: En Armonía 2014 or contact Gail at .

SABS Current Champions

2013 SABS Quartet Champion

FourMidables is an a cappella quartet, singing barbershop, close harmony and doo-wop songs from the 60’s and 70’s. The quartet started in 2008 as a bit of fun between friends and, after a few years, it became more than just a hobby. They were invited by SABS to take part in the annual quartet contest and won silver in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, not only did they represent SABS on the European Barbershop stage, they also became SABS quartet champions In Benalmádena, Málaga..

Residents of Torrevieja and Murcia, the quartet comprises:
Juan Chazarra (Bass)
Eduardo Pérez (Barí.)
Santiago Sánchez (Lead)
Raúl Antón (Tenor)


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Spangles has won the SABS Chorus Championship twice – in 2011 and 2013 – and are founding members of SABS. Starting out in December 2004, with just 5 ladies, they have now grown to over 40 members. Their aim is to sing entertaining songs for their audiences and to promote barbershop harmony in Spain.
CHORUS MANAGERS: Lyn Baines and Anthea Prentice

Some other SABS members

2012 Chorus Champion

MUSICAL DIRECTORS: Ángel Rodriguez & Jerónimo Marín


Barberidad Chorus was founded in October 2010 with the goal of becoming the benchmark for Barbershop singing in Spain. It consists of more than 15 men of different ages, between 15 and 70 years, with a common passion: barbershop music.

Since founded, they have tried to convey the joy of music through their concerts at various venues in the Madrid community and their participation in the SABS national convention, where they won the silver medal in 2011 the gold medal in 2012, which allowed them to represent Spain by competing at the 2013 European Convention in Holland.

In their short existence they have tried to build a solid repertoire of musical style from Barbershop, interpreting classic songs of the genre as "The Story of the rose", composed in the late nineteenth century, to modern adaptations of Spanish songs like "Amapola". 

The Barbees
2013 Silver Medal Chorus


The Barbees were formed around 1998 by a few musical members of the International Newcomers Club of Madrid. They are a group of really fantastic women who get together to sing barbershop music. They put friendship and fun first and singing second. Their goal is to get better each day...aiming at being the best they can be.

Based in Moncarapacho, Algarve, Portugal, Bella A Cappella is a very friendly, international mixed gender group who love to have fun and improve their singing at the same time. In 2012 they became the SABS Silver medal chorus. They currently have 15-20 members and always welcome new people, whether they are beginners or more experienced singers.


2012 Silver Medal Chorus
Bella A Cappella


“Investigators” quartet is from Madrid and started in 1996. They have performed in Madrid, Oviedo, Bilbao or Barcelona. In October 2007 they went to the Germany “Harmony College” where emblematic “barbershoppers” from the USA gave them coaching. This gave them the impetus to form a Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers and SABS was born in October 2008. In February 2010 they won the Gold Medal in "SABS En Armonia World Harmony Trophy" quartet contest. They were the first Spanish quartet ever to appear in the BHS International Convention (Philadelphia July 2010).

Investigators won the SABS Quartet Contest for the second time in Benalmádena, Málaga in 2012. Their friends, Barberidad, with whom they also sing, became chorus champions in the same year.

Members: Jorge de las Peñas (Lead), Javier Vara (Bass), Fernando García (Tenor), Nicolás de las Peñas (Bari)

2011 Quartet Champions
The Hanfris Quartet


The Hanfris Quartet won the gold medal in the SABS Quartet Contest in Murcia in 2011, having won the silver medal in Madrid in 2010 – their first-ever contest together.
The quartet, from Catalonia, started up in November 2009. All began much earlier in the summer of 2009, when Adrià asked Gener to start some musical project so that they could sing together in an ensemble. Searching through videos on YouTube, they discovered Barbershop music and immediately wanted to form a quartet to sing in this style. Gener invited Juan and Jordi – colleagues from his choir – to be the baritone and the tenor and The Hanfris Quartet was born.
They started to practise in Barcelona, which was a convenient meeting point, and some weekends in Mataró, and soon discovered just how amazing barbershop music is!
Jordi Forcadell i Mas (Tenor)
Gener Salicrú i Soler (Lead)
Juan Bertrand Castrodeza (Bari)
Adrià Sivilla Ebri (Bass)

Mary, Tricia, Sylvy and Ralph all live permanently in the Algarve and have shared hobbies for the last 5 years. The quartet in its current line-up was formed in July 2010. On their first time competing in in Murcia in 2011, Cleftomania has won the Mixed Gold medal in 2011 (Murcia), 2012 (Málaga) and 2013 (Málaga). Overall, they were ranked 5th in 2011, 4th in 2012 and in 2013 they won the Bronze medal. Amongst their repertoire are songs by Billy Joel, George Harrison, The Carpenters and Van Morrison to name but a few.
Mary Legg (Bari)
Sylvy Hinton-Keenan (Lead)
Patricia Negri Nascimento (Tenor)
Ralph Keenan (Bass).


2012 Overall Bronze Medalist

Liz Lewis, Mo Honess, June Mulligan were joined by Fenix's newest member, Madelon Slegt, in the autumn of 2012, They sing a mixture of Barbershop and other genres, a cappella style. Contest achievements: 2011 SABS Ladies Gold medallists and 4th overall, 2012 SABS Bronze Medallists, 2013 Ladies Gold Medallists and 4th overall.

Madelon Slegt (Bass)
June Mulligan (Lead)
Liz Lewis (Bari)
Mo Honess (Tenor)


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¡Viva!started in October 2008 and comprises Gail Grainger (Lead), Barbara Burks (Tenor), Anthea Prentice (Bass) and Lyn Baines (Baritone). Each of them is involved in the running of Spangles chorus, based in Los Alcázares, Murcia, and they have become firm friends. Despite their diverse and busy lives, they still find time to have some fun singing together.


On 21st October 1998 Harry Hall, a veteran barbershop singer from the UK, placed an advert in the Costa Blanca News asking ladies interested in forming a chorus to attend a meeting at Los Arcos Restaurant. Ten ladies attended that meeting and within a few weeks were singing chords in harmony. Less than half had any previous experience in barbershop singing.

In October 1999 we had our first public performance in outfits bought from "The White Rosettes", the gold medal chorus from Leeds in England. We now have 43 singing members and this is increasing rapidly, plus a few social members and from our initial repertoire of 12 songs, we now know a variety of about 40 songs ranging from ballads to rock and roll and have sung in many prestigious theatres on the Costa Blanca.

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This female vocal quartet formed in Madrid by Ana Muñoz (Tenor), Sue Julian (Lead), Alicia Morales (Baritone) and Mercedes Morales (Bass). They studied music in Madrid, where they met and decided sing together, under the direction of renowned master D. José María Sepúlveda, who also arranges their music.  

His musical bent has opted  in favour of jazz and soul arrangements, adapted to all kinds of styles, trying always to purify to the maximum the versatility of their voices and imprint their own sound on every version.

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The Harmonisers are a very friendly club for all nationalities and currently comprising men from the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium and Ireland. We have long been recognized as an exciting and innovative men’s barbershop chorus performing songs in the barbershop style with verve and energy.
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Allegro, Torrevieja, Alicante 

Allegro, consisting of Eileen (tenor), Jan (lead), Elizabeth (baritone) and Steph (bass) was formed in March 2006 out of the Velvetones chorus after realising how well their voices blended.  They are all experienced soloists but really enjoy the close harmony of singing  together.  Their varied repertoire includes songs from 16th Century to modern day pop.

Costa Barber Singers
Benissa, Valencia

Under the direction of Roger Gallant, the Costa Barber Singing Group was born In July of 1988. Since March of 1989, they have done almost 300 singing engagements, mostly for charity. They have staged 5 full shows with visitors from the USA, the UK and from Southern Spain.

Tropical Tones, Almuñecar, Andalucía
Tropical Tones is a mixed chorus of about 15 directed by Bren. Recent performances include Nerja Residents Day (above) and the local cancer association. Started in January 2005, we hope to grow sufficiently to form a ladies and a gents chorus. We are based in Almuńecar, Andalucia, on the Costa Tropical.
Tropical Tones

Southern Sound
Fuengirola, Costa del Sol

Southern -Sound - founded in 2006 - is a mixed chorus of various nationalities and ages. Our eldest  is 89 and our youngest just celebrated his 50th Birthday. We number 14 regulars - with frequent visitors throughout the year.
Our proudest moment was when we were invited to sing  at  the "XV.Festival de Villancicos Reyes de  Espana" where we appeared on Spanish Television.

Amber Quartet

Amber was formed over a cup of coffee one Thursday morning after a Spangles rehearsal in January 2009.  Having discovered that our voices blended well we have been working hard ever since to get a repertoire together, and were thrilled to give our first performance on Spangles' show in April.  We are June Mulligan (lead), Jean Weller (bass), Ann Lye (tenor) and Liz Lewis (baritone).

The Minstrels

Barcelona, Cataluña

The Minstrels was formed in the summer of 1997 by four young people who enjoy singing ‘a cappella’. All were attending the 'Escolania de Montserrat' in Cataluña where they continued their singing and music studies and worked with many different coral groups: ‘Cor de Cambra del Palau de la Música Catalana’, ‘Cor Madrigal’, ‘Capella de Música de Montserrat’, ‘Coral Antics Escolans de Montserrat’, ...

The Minstrels offers a repertoire based on Negro-Spirituals a cappella and they also sing Barbershop and Classic Modern. They have sung throughout Cataluña, taking part in different religious celebrations, academic acts, award ceremonies and various social events; in 2007 they were honoured to perform at a wedding in Madrid at the Basilica Pontificia de San Miguel.

The Minstrels comprises Joan Baptista Sans (Tenor), Xavier Gallego (Lead), Llorenç Castelló (Baritone) and (Bass) Germán de la Riva.