About The World Harmony Council

This is a organization of barbershop societies around the world. At this moment, there are fifteen members.

As new organizations arise from time to time, they will be accepted into this body. The basic rules are that each national organization must have at least two constituent bodies - either choruses, chapters, clubs, or quartets.

The WHC sponsors one or more Jamborees each year to raise money for international barbershopping. The money is distributed equally among the constituent bodies in order to further the spread of this hobby to all corners of the globe.

WHC Logo

Mike Donnelly (AAMBS) President

Jeremy Reynolds (SPATS) Webmaster

2009 Jamboree XXVI
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Constituent Societies

Barbershop Harmony Society (United States and Canada men)
Sweet Adelines International (World wide women)
Harmony Incorporated (US and Canada women)
Barbershop Harmony Australia (Australia men)
British Association of Barbershop Singers(United Kingdom men)
Barbershop in Germany (Germany men and women)
Dutch Association of Barbershop Singers (The Netherlands men)
Finnish Association of Barbershop Singers (Finland men and women)
Holland Harmony (The Netherlands women)
Irish Association of Barbershop Singers (Ireland men and women)
Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers (UK women)
New Zealand Association of Barbershop Singers (New Zealand men)
Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers (Spain men and women)
Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden men)
Southern Part of Africa Tonsorial Songsters (South Africa men and women)

Other International Barbershop Groups
(not yet members of WHC)

Tokyo Barbers

Sing Israel